oct 22, 2015The first ERSP MOOC is launched : "To Screen or not to Screen? Methods and health policies through case studies"

This course is primarily dedicated to practitioners, both those active in clinical care or those working as public health practitioners. However, as any MOOC, this one is open to a broader audience. We apologise if lay public may feel sometimes uncomfortable because of the technical wording.
We do not pretend to cover the whole spectrum of existing screening procedures in medicine. It is our intention to complete this MOOC in the future with new case studies, related to new screening strategies, or to renewed controversies on old problems.
Since the field of screening in public health is large, this course is not taught by one unique teacher. We looked for the best available faculties in our academic environment to deliver concise messages and explanations of the involved procedures and methods.
We hope you will appreciate the dedicated team of teachers, practitioners and researchers from the Ecole Romande de Santé Publique, an academic structure coordinating the public health activities in three French speaking universities. The teachers accepted to join their talents and skills to deliver this course.
Feel free at any time to ask for additional information and details, when you face difficulties or when you do not find appropriate answers to your questions, either in the videos or in supplementary material provided at the MOOC.
We wish you a pleasant journey in one of the first MOOC, if not the first one, ever produced on screening in public health.

Best regards,
Prof. Antoine Flahault (Institute of global health, Geneva) and Fred Paccaud (Institute of social and preventive medicine, Lausanne), on the behalf of the Ecole Romande de Santé Publique.

Access to the MOOC : www.coursera.org/learn/screening